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What in case you decide to buy the property of your dreams? Buying or selling a property sometimes you will have lot of questions to be sure everything is going well and all will be in order. All of the important matters are gone through once more and we will draft a reservation agreement. After setting up an option agreement an advance payment is requested to take the property off from the Real Estate market.

Further legal administration will be taken to heart by our gestor Inmobiliaira. We regularly receive questions related to legal matters and the costs involved in the buying process. This service of providing legal advice relating to every aspect of the purchase, begins right from the start. Searches are prepared on the property you wish to buy to ensure that it is free from any encumbrances which may cause you a problem at a later date.


Do I need a lawyer to buy a home in Spain? When you're dealing with a foreign language, different culture and an alien bureaucracy it's absolutely vital to count on a legal representative who understands the system and will protect your interests throughout the property transaction. As Tecnico en Gestión Inmobilaria, we are licensed to take care of the total conveyancing. Regarding different fiscal matters, we prefere a collaboration with a lawyer office knowing well the Spanish laws and who´s going to take charge of setting all the taxes on the purchase or sale. In case of new build constructions the promotor has to provide all documentation relating to the plot and the permits, to confirm everything is in order.

What is an N.I.E number? The N.I.E. is a foreigner's identification number (Numero Identificación Extranjeros). All foreigners living in Spain must apply for this number. It is essential a home buyer do have a N.I.E.º, before signing title deeds.

What additional costs should I be aware of? When buying your property in Spain you will incur costs that you would find a bit of a shock if you were not informed about them prior to buying,or selling. You should expect to find that the additional costs will ordinarily amount to about a certain percentage of the purchase price. Our preference is to take a more up-front approach by breaking down and listing all of the matters that will come into play like notary and landregister fee, fiscal reponsable etc. This way you will have a general idea of what you will need to pay. As a non-resident, by selling your property, a retencion of 3% will be withold by title deeds


To be in order with all tax obligations as IVA in case of a new build or patrimony transmission tax in case of a resale house has to be paid, as legal fee , notary and landregister including all costs in changing over of water, gaz and electricity contracts. In case of selling your home, you also have to pay plusvalia, capital gain taxes.

Are there any other hidden costs? No.

Can I set up a Spanish will? Property owners are strongly advised to make a Spanish will, an uncomplicated process as it is in other countries. This can be arranged by our legal representative and will protect you againts some unexpected actions.

Estimated annual expenses only if your property belongs to part of a community which owns common assets, a community fee has to be paid for the swimming pool, or elevators in apartment buildings. This fee vary dependant on the assets and maintenance levell. Another payments like IBI. plusvalia or traffic taxes, (Spanish Council Tax) payable at the local town hall,( SUMA ) and bills regarding energy, water or gaz, or even your house insurance , all are due at different times dependent on the actual bill. Non-residents have to take note an annual income declaration regarding their bankaccount, savings or potential rent of the property, has to be done .

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