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Malimi Insurance is able to present private insurances,or for self-employment activities. Insurance is a complex matter. Without intimate knowledge of it is almost impossible to find you a good tailored solution. As qualified Broker and specialist in this area, we are able to assist in your search for solutions in all areas, both in private and in professional life.

By our main goal "Service, advice and advocacy for your interests" we are your personal bridge with various insurance companies, This all in an independent guide. We act as your advocate importance, in case of damage but also in a lot of other cases which has influence on your personal situation. You are our central focus. As insurance specialist defending your interests along with our slogan "services with a heart!", we will guarantee to offer the best!


Home security is the most popular and almost important family Insurance. House Insurance can vary tremendously dependent on a variety of factors. The costs in Spain are very reasonable compared with many other European countries. Home Insurance is split into two main parts to guarantee the total protection of your Spanish property, including yourcontentsr .You can buy a single policy that covers you for both, including also public iability insurance and juridical defense, robbery, jewels or money. The insurances we are dealing with offers a 100% security. Our home is exposed to numerous hazards like a fire, floodings, a broken pipe.... To protect its contents, insurers offers comprehensive home insurance packages. Important is to determine which risks you want to insure and up to which limits.

Communitiy insurance: If you live in an urbanisation with different owners, probably you will have an insurance policy for whole communal parts. Are you sure this kind of insurance could be enough to cover your home completely? Possibly, you do not have an indiviual home insurance because you think the community insurance will cover every damage when it is caused by a neighbour, others our by yourself. However, it does not always happen. If your home is burgled, the community of owners' insurance will not pay for the damages or the stolen goods, or even you of one of your family caused damage to another property. At most, the insurers might pay for the damages, but they would never cover any stolen objects or any damages caused inside your home. Therefore, our most important conclusion is having an inividual home insurance covery is advisable, every property needs his own particular insurance.

If you wish to insure your home for the first time, don´t hesitate to contact us. Without any obligation, we will get you the most suitable coverage!


Having a basic home insurance policy is compulsory in order to request a mortgage. It is advisable to complement this insurance with an all-risks policy, since it offers a much wider coverage,including damage caused to the building and its content.The premium to be paid for this policy varies depending on the value of the insured goods.The insured must assess the contents of his home calculating how much would it cost to replace all objects in the house if they were damaged. It is advisable to assess valuable objects separately.

Banks usually try to "force" their clients to purchase this policy from the bank insurers, but clients should be aware they are free to purchase a policy at any insurance company they prefer. Our insurance expert is able to provide the best quote and to arrange cover or any support if you require assistance.


Those kind of assurances sometimes are required. For all kinds of insurances, often as protection for yourself and you family, Civil Liability Coverage is an important part of a lot of insurances.


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