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MALIMI COSTA BLANCA SL. a professional Real Estate company, without a doubt more than just a Real Estate agency! Our services go much further than just providing a new home! Realty, insurances, various after-sales and home services are a complex matter. Without thorough knowledge it is almost impossible to find a good solution that suits the individual preferences. Customization and expertise is the common thread in our work. As a specialist we can optimally assist in your search for solutions in all areas. Let you surprise!

MALIMI, from an alternative successful education project to a Real Estate agency, This event perfectly suited to realize children dream´s as adults as well. Stimulating capacities to express themselves by "creativity, spontanity and originality" became our main key to further expension.

MALIMI Workshop, "Another perspective on money" recognized as a work tool for secondary school, supported by the Canon organisation from the Education governement, seems more and more popular. Getting people a wider awareness on the influence of personal thinking was the main goal, Inspired by a personal everyday practice in banking business in combination with an own personal approach due to a specialized training indeed seems succesful! Willingness and an open mind became essential!

MALIMI Consulting: Advice, service and protection of your interests, our 3 main basic rules leads us to further expension. Our vision providing advice based on individual intensive counseling proves this kind of counselling to be succesfull. This kind of personal development leads to a wider perspective and well-being. Our vision on services with a heart also became our Malimi symbol!

MALIMI Credit - and Insurance brokers office: loans, mortgages and insurances, a growing activity results to the expansion of the business. Our activities are based on an ethical perspective on banking services, along with our vision "specialist in your insurance, protection of your interests and services with a heart, restores all into practice. By support of a Spanish construction company specialized on building new homes for more then 30 years of experience, our personal interest into Spanish Real Estate was gradually growing..

MALIMI COSTA BLANCA SL, Real Estate and Insurances company was founded in 2004 and established in Rojales, still is succesfully growing. By some international oriented business-managers arises the idea of a local "business to business group" España, known as BGE España,. Networking also on the Costa Blanca, seems an important tool to create a successful business. From start, Malimi Costa Blanca represents the Insurance profession and later on Real Estate activities.

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